About Podshare

PodShare is a social network with a physical address. We are producing a social experiment to learn if technology brings us closer together or drives us farther apart. Pods are $50 per night. Rent one at http://thepodshare.com/book/

Location, Location, Location!

Our first location at Hollywood/Vine opened in February 2012, and since then we have hosted over 6,000 Podestrians.

The Trend

Born in the former Soviet Union, Elvina jokes that she built a socialist, affordable housing model because her conservative parents wouldn’t let her have sleepovers as a kid. 

PodShare was founded when Elvina recognized three trends: the rise of the freelance economy, the loneliness solo travelers experience when overspending on solitary hotel rooms, and the difficulty transplants have when apartment hunting in a new city. 

Thinking “dormitory style co-living is a great way to save and socialize”, she flew her dad to Hollywood to help build the first “pods” in 2012. Together, they redesigned the rickety bunk bed by replacing the ladder with a stairway, and adding amenities like flat screens, outlets, lockers, and night lights. 

In three years, PodShare has proven market value (94% occupancy), collected big data (publishing over 5,000 “Podestrian profiles”), and built a reputable brand (where 16 people have tattoos of the “social travel” logo).  PodShare is “a social network with a physical address” that offers “access” to multiple locations with napping pods, co-working desks, full kitchens, showers, bicycles, and a DIY makers lab. As a membership-based live/work space, PodShare offers two pass options: 12 hours ($15) or 24 hours ($50).

Membership-based housing

We encourage you to read about our members at ThePodShare.com/Podestrians

We conduct an online screening for all booked reservations and upon arrival, analyze guests on the basis of:

    • Safe
    • Sane
    • Social


Our goal is to create an offline community based on each person’s character and behavior during their stay. Our members are called “Podestrians” and consist of people from across the world.

Types Of Travelers

We categorize our users into 3 types:

      • The Traveler. Visiting the American city with the intention of returning home
      • The Transitioner. Relocating to the city and don’t have a friend’s couch to crash on. You spend your days on Craigslist and Westside Rentals
      • The Temp. You are in town for a summer job, internship, PA-ing, pilot season or some work/school related function that keeps you busy all day

Must Have Amenities

CheckComfortable Mattress with clean soft sheets.

CheckPersonal outlets to stay charged.

CheckNight light, safe storage and baggage holding area .

CheckSecurity and 24-hour keypad access.

CheckFast & free WIFI

Yes, we have all of the above and more.