About ScoutMy

ScoutMy.com is a search Engine for film-friendly properties.


Independent filmmakers, music video producers, and photographers have a hard time finding locations that they can shoot in.


Homeowners, apartment renters and business owners can rent out their property to generate income!

Free to List It takes under 3 minutes to create a FREE profile with your rate, description and location photos

Free to Search Use the search box to enter a keyword or city. Press Browse to look around. Our geo-locater will reveal properties in your area unless you signify otherwise.

100% profit ScoutMy does not take a commission or transaction fee. We charge a subscription fee to connect the lister and renter. However, our current site is in beta so ask us for a free membership! 

Why Should You list?

Other than ScoutMy not costing a dime to list, you should put up a profile for the following reasons

  • Whether you are employed full time or not at all renting out your home is extra income, and we can all use that. What’s great is that you don’t have to leave your house! Or go to work with a double paycheck that day.
  • No address or contact information is revealed Message through our site and setup a location scout when you feel comfortable. Usually, a location is booked after a scout has been setup. That allows you the chance to meet the team and have all of your questions answered.
  • Support the arts!You will have filmmakers of all budgets contact you. Students, indie film route productions, passion projects, musicians trying to break out, viral video chasers. It is up to you to charge a lot, a little or nothing at all.

What do scouts look for?

CheckEase of entry. Are you on the ground floor, elevator or stairs only?

CheckThe direction & source of the light

CheckFree parking or a parking lot nearby