Collaboration Rhythm

2013 is about collaboration, I’m at the point where my relations have developed a reputation, it’s time for the brand to go cross-nation, I’ve had patience, sought destinations, am I looking in the wrong places? Life’s the races & I’m seabiscuit, I’ll risk it, put my last dollar on black, flip this industry on its back, the world is on my shoulders, my life’s a roller coaster, up, down up down, like Miley’s twerk I go round, like Iggyy I do this work, make it work, workin on my shiiiit, biting at the bits, so now is the time, To flush out ideas I rhythm, my head is full of it, you can do this, what are you doing , why isn’t it happening oh shit it’s happening wait what happened where’d that opportunity go? Until I finish this pitch package, no one will know, I like being the only one that could do this thing, I’m Russian so I sell everything, you not hungry? You will be by the time I’m through, but no drive-through, it’s fine dining, followed by a signing, an investment opportunity where I made you see the big picture that you want to be in this with me. Till the next episode…

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