Invest in PodShare San Francisco

After much statistical preparation, I have completed my pitch video for PodShare #2!

“Social Travel.” It’s a buzz word, sure, but it’s also at the core of an exciting trend in the way people are interacting with one another across the country and around the globe. Companies like AirBnB (more than 10 million bookings since its launch in 2008), Lyft (more than 100,000 active users this year alone) and WeWork (16 co-working spaces in major cities across the country) have begun to clearly define niches in the peer-to-peer, social marketplace. But no company has brought the social travel concept to the overnight hospitality market. No company, that is, other than PodShare.

PodShare Hollywood, our first location, opened in February 2012 and has maintained profitable operations and an annual occupancy rate of 92% (the national average is 60%). This custom built, centrally located and affordable concept is staking a claim in the share economy.

Let’s take our pods on the road like Lyft, into people’s hearts like AirBnB and onto desks like WeWork.

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