LA2050 Challenge

Please VOTE for PodShare to win $100,000 to build housing for homeless youth! This grant will get 40 youth off the streets by funding the lease, permitting costs, and construction of sleeping pods.


We’re often asked if our “pods” can be built in vacant properties to help those struggling to pay rent or in need of temporary housing to prevent homelessness. The answer is YES! PodShare could offer a sliding scale of affordability, for as little as $10/night to help young adults (18-28 years old who qualify for assistance) to get back on their feet.


Help us help our neighbors in Los Angeles:

The city has declared a state of emergency: 50,000 people live on the streets with 6,000-8,000 identified as homeless youth.

**Please forward this to your friends for more votes or additional support on the project**


Huffington Post wrote about our mission here

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