October 6

Encampment Fire & NextDoor post: “I’ve lived here since 2017 and know woodwork…we could build some awesome planters with the help of neighbors if anyone wanted to come together to re-create this nook” = 198 comments in support

October 10 & 11

We got to work: 22 neighbors came out or sent money to pay for supplies.129 neighbors offered signatures of support. In one weekend we transformed a high foot & car traffic median – without obstructing the walkway. Fave moment: 2 firetrucks drove by honking with all thumbs up on Sunday 🙂

October 20

10 days later, the median was cited and we began the “adopt-a-median” application to make this a permanent addition. I have committed to the watering and upkeep. Council Member Bonin has written a letter of support, and the Venice Neighborhood Council will hear the agenda item 12/15/20

Day 1: October 10

First things first: we made cookies & lemonade for anyone that comes out to lend a hand.

Then we took a measuring tape to the triangle median. Elvina, Rebecca, Marissa & Danny drove to Home Depot while Siobhan and Andrew hosed down, hard bristle brushed and discarded ash into a garbage bag.

At home depot, Rebecca did the math that we would need 24 boards that are 2x12x10. Elvina & Danny loaded the cart, tried to ask the manager for a discount for a neighborhood project, and paid $608.09. Marissa and Danny ratcheted the wood down and we drove back to our property.

Rose & Danny started to build the planters while I greeted neighbors who brought succulents, dirt, cash, shovels, 3 corner planters, 2x4x8 lumber for the feet of the planters, and a truck for dirt pickup.

Big thanks to Bonnie & Jericho who rode their bikes to a neighbor’s (Jen) house to saw off agave in 4 trips. Also to Oz & Tiffany for the plants, David & Jeff for the planters, Brennan huge thanks for letting us fill your truck bed with all that dirt. And everyone else who stopped by!

We finished building the 8 planters at 8pm! We were down 1 board so Rebecca is pictured holding it out the back of the Prius. We waterproofed them to dry overnight.

Day 1 Receipt

Day 2: October 11

After we ate our Wheaties we grabbed the shovels, a neighbor’s truck and shoveled a LOT of dirt.

Alex & Cameron walked the planters onto the median – waterproofed with drain holes.

Neighbors came over to help shovel dirt, plant and water the final product!

Dai and Elvina took Brennan’s truck to a neighbor’s yard and they excavated a palm! It took over an hour but we got a centerpiece out of it.

The final bushes were planted as the sun set. We swept and went out for burgers.

Day-2a CM Bonin Support letter

Next Steps…

We are working on approval for our application. Stay in touch here for updates!

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Plant Types

All of the plants are easy to care for but bright in color; succulents and agave.


The planters are arranged in a sun rays design on the pocket of the median, off of the public walkway and at a height not obstructing car’s view.