ore young people are leaning into the rental or sharing economy — owning less of everything and renting and sharing a whole lot more. Housing, cars, music, workspaces. In some places, such as Los Angeles, this rental life has gone to an extreme. Steven T.[…]

Community Living

Problem: Housing is unaffordable & inflexible. Housing has become more and more expensive and therefore inaccessible for a large portion of the population. Having your own apartment in Los Angeles will run you $2,384/ month and in San Francisco it’s a whopping $3,612/ month according[…]

Letter From the Founder

Podshare is a byproduct of high rents. My solution to the rising prices in neighborhoods I’ve wanted to live in was a simple math equation. Add up the rents, utilities, staffing costs and divide. But not by the traditional 2-3 but by 10 so that[…]