Open Mic / Karaoke Fridays

The last 2 Fridays at PodShare have been a BLAST. Our staff is transitioning so I have been working the front desk more.

On May 17th I got a call from a 3 girl band named RAMEKEGA asking if they could come play for our open mic. I said “of course!” but the funny part is that we have been advertising open mic’s for weeks now without actually hosting them. So with confirmed talent and me there, we made it happen.

Friday, May 24 we continued the success with Karaoke night! We had 15 people on the mic or dancing around until past midnight! My goal has always been to create brand association, specifically to laughs. We used to host comedy nights here once a month and I loved it b/c “PodShare” would be synonymous with a good time for those who were just learning about it.

Cracker Jack Video Contest

A lot of talent comes through our door at PodShare. It would be foolish to ignore the animators. Hannah Wright has an impressive reel and an eagerness to experiment. The perfect recipe for a video contest. We chose Cracker Jack via

My friend David Garrett recommended a mother actress to me because this spot is targeting women (and I look like a teenager). Harmony was amazing – she is sweet, her daughters were photogenic, her house had a pool and they were available right away. We even listed their home on ScoutMy!

Hannah’s Reel:

Stop-Motion Character Showreel from Hannah Wright on Vimeo.

Update: March 29th – 3 days before deadline
Hannah sends us a sneak peak:

Airhead Bites

My video contest entry for airhead bites

15 second spec spot – rhyme & use of my stock library

Big thanks to Morgan from Lezlympics for allowing me to shoot her competitive all girl event, and of course all of the other clips that were shot previously and recycled here. Joni shot me rhyming into the lens in our grassy front yard – with multiple interruptions from cars and dogs. We got what we needed though! Big thanks to Megan Ochoa for letting me use 15 seconds of her song.

Maxim’s Hot 100 party

I edited Maxim’s Hot 100 party on Adobe Premiere #FCP7girl #hangingon

I love Adobe, but I have been editing on FCP for 10 years now. I am not saying you can’t teach this old dog new tricks but if it aint broke don’t fix it. With FCPX, I may have compatibility issues with co-editors in the future but I am holding on as long as I can. I KNOW how to use premiere and its’ intuitive but for some reason “saving” took noticeably longer than FCP and the transitions were not so easy to create as a drop down menu I am used to. All-in-all, my co-editor wanted me to use it so I did but I am not going to edit my next project on Premier just because…not yet anyway : )

Advil Contest with my little brother

I love entering video contests, but even more importantly, collaborating with people in my life. In Advil’s “relieve my fever” contest I got to shoot my family in New Jersey. We did not win, which sucks because I wanted Richard to feel like he has the coolest sister, but these are memories that stay with us forever.

Shoot @ PodShare

From the Producers of Workaholics: Mary Ann Productions shot a scene for their new pilot CHECKED OUT on April 27th. The actors even call it PODSHARE in the script : ) Big thanks to for the connect!

No More Price Tags!

I need to stir up more conversations on ScoutMy. So I spoke with Tom, my CTO, and we decided to get rid of posted rates.

Listers were constantly asking me what to charge and some productions have a bigger budget than what a profile’s rate says (so they would be losing out) or alternatively the production doesn’t have anywhere near the asking price, but maybe they aren’t shooting long or with too many people.

To simplify things and get more logins, we are going to encourage filmmakers to message any listings that fit their bill.


Hello members,

Tom & I are working on bettering the site to make renting out properties easier.

Without knowing all of the details of a production it is hard to know how much to ask for.

How many cast/crew?
How many hours?
The entire property or only a section of it, a specific room or just the exterior?
Any special needs?
Could you advertise my business or attach me to the project somehow?

The answers to the questions above could substantially alter the listed asking price.

So we are doing away with price tags and instead, encouraging filmakers and property owners to talk. Filmmakers, specify your budget. Property owners, ask questions.

Happy Renting!

Elvina Beck

Food Lion commercial shoot


Well this was a fun shoot! I got a chance to work with the amazing wildlife photographer Brad Wilson again – this time on a commercial for Food Lion

As cute as Major (the lion) looks in this clip – he is indeed a dangerous big pawed Mafasa and if it were not for the two strings in front of my camera lens, I would maybe be a little nervous.

Also, this is my first time using my new SMALL HD AC7 Monitor

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