Behind the Scenes on Brides Shoot

Check out the video I shot & edited for Brides Magazine

When you tuned in to Brides Live Wedding on April 7 (and if for some crazy reason you didn’t, you can watch it here!) you saw that winning couple Briana and Jason’s wedding was absolutely incredible. From the “beach chic” theme to the the sparkly wedding gown to the incredible wedding cake designed by the “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, the details you helped select came together beautifully. (Toss in amazing performances by Gloriana and Matt Goss—and a bridal party that knows how to boogie down—and you have the party of the year!)

Throwing a celebration of this scale—and broadcasting it for the world to see—is no easy task! Thankfully, we partnered up with the pros at Zuckerberg Media. They made coordinating eight cameras and countless crew members for a Hollywood-style production a total cake walk. Check out their awesome behind-the-scenes footage above and see what really went into making Brides Live Wedding!

Goodbye Asim Video

We tested Podestrian video blogs with Asim’s departure after 2 months.

Our setup: me on the tripod + 5d + Rode mic and Wilsa on the H4N + Seinheisser MKH416 shotgun mic and Mykee holding the LED light – easy!

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 1.20.51 PM

My Best Wedding Video

I was very prepared for this shoot with Brides Magazine on April 7th.

Here is my most clever storyline:

Followed by

      • my best friend’s:

    • a childhood friend: 
    • a college buddy:
    • my best friend’s little sister:

Music at PodShare – 76,000 views!

I shot this video for Sofar Sounds at PodShare early September 2012. We hosted an amazing night of musicians!

I used to shoot songs for musicians under the idea of #undergroundSEEN which I may revisit again in the future.

In the meantime, I will play with the open mic Friday’s idea and see what talent comes through our door

South By Southwest

Where SEO experts are treated like celebrities.

What is a search engine’s secret recipe? “Algorithm”

That’s all you get.

Okay here is a little more:  If your site gets a higher ranking, that means that you have the right ingredients for that secret recipe.


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–> Avoid syndicated content for SEO it doesn’t work. For user experience yes, but not for SEO.

–> Video Channel: create good quality content – if a searcher is engaged and stays engaged, it does not matter if freelancer or company published the video. If this engagement happens over and over, query by query, then search engines rank it higher.

–> Google is getting good at executing javascript but an html version of your site is a good idea.

–> Has your site been hacked? See your site as Google sees it (the code) with Fetch as Google Bot

–> Facebook blocks SEO, if you are doing a lot of posting on there, be mindful that it is not bringing you traffic. The value is the relationship with the clientele – SEO gold is not Facebook LIKES – there is a different set of criteria. If you are considering linking to your page from Facebook: exit referrals are not seen by google but there are seen by Bing.

–> For Bing Robot – Don’t take code snippet and publish it.

–> CLOAKING: don’t do it. Do not the show search engine one thing and the real customers another thing. If you get on a search engine’s spam list you are in a confinement camp on porn mountain. You don’t want to be there. Trust me.

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