Juicy Club LA

There’s a very successful all girls party that my friends put on monthly called Juicy.

Here is a promo that I produced for them:

And a video of one of the nights when they hosted at Factory, now they are at RAVE.

Scrap Metal Table

I LOVE reincarnating garbage. I could spend hours in a scrap metal shop.

I scoured a backyard dump and paid $2 per lb. for this airplane wing (cleaned up in the picture) and a bunch of motherboards. I planned to turn this into a computer table for PodShare.

Super Vespa Girls hits 81,000 views!

SUPER VESPA GIRL fights pollution-causing vehicles…and saves the day!

This was my first video contest. Shot on the HVX200 with Richard Salazar and green screen compositing by GT

Join us next time as she battles a dandelion for oxygen!

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