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There is a co living start up specific to Los Angeles called PodShare that is also a membership-based company that allows you to live and work at any of their locations. The catch here is that the only doors in these spaces are for the showers and toilets. The idea behind that is the belief that a door may block out the opportunity of social interaction, networking, and community. Funnily enough, the inspiration for this open door concept came from MTV’s The Real World, according to an article posted by Skift.

Dare I mention that hostels may even be on the rise for business travel? The word hostelalone probably brings quite a distaste to the taste buds of many seasoned road warriors, for completely understandable reasons. When I think of a hostel, I picture a grimy room with three story bunk beds and bathrooms that look like they are cleaned once a month. Yes, maybe this is the case for backpackers looking for a nothing more than a bed to sleep in while they venture the world on what little amount of their savings is left.


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The Zoe Report

I love getting on lists…we just got on this one: You’re Probably Living The Biggest Trend Of The Future Without Knowing It

LA’s first foray into co-living is called PodShare, and it’s decidedly less glamorous than its SF and NYC counterparts. At PodShare, you rent a murphy bed in a room full of murphy beds, which turn into desks in the daytime. It attracts a slightly more transient clientele than do other co-living companies; however, it’s also averaging a 92% occupancy rate, so it’s definitely fulfilling a need in a city where housing costs are rising. Rent is $40/day.

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Good Magazine

Tasbeeth & Josh spent a night and multiple days hanging out at our DTLA and Hollywood location to tell our story online and in print

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Podestrian Blog: Gundo Money

One of our Podestrian’s blogged about her stay and made some pretty awesome observations @ Gundo Money

“This brings me back to the general idea of cohousing. Obviously PODSHARE is a little different than true shared living because people are just passing through. But as far as hotel options go, I’d choose this hands down. Cohousing solves so many problems we’ve created in our current housing methods. Living spaces are getting bigger and more separated while simultaneously requiring more income to pay for. We don’t need more space, we need more functionality. We don’t need to remove all possibility of human interaction to avoid conflict, we just need to learn to live with each other. A funny thing happens when you remove the barriers to human connection: it becomes very clear that personal gain isn’t the object. Staying in cohousing this week reminded me that there is some serious joy to be had out there in the world. Gaining freedom is a process of releasing objects and replacing them with friendships. Likewise, gaining financial freedom is a process of releasing the idea that you work to gain “stuff” and replacing it with the idea that your money should work for you.”

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