Startup Kids

Welcome to Startup Kids – a new series about risk takers.

You are watching the unreleased pilot for consideration as ongoing content for your platform.

Hosted by Elvina Beck, this series is a first person account of a young entrepreneur’s startup expansion and her experience learning from the stories of startup kids in other industries.

A startup kid is any person who left a cushy job to go out into the unpromising world to build or develop an industry. Regardless of age, these leaders are kids at heart because they explore for the sake of curiosity in spite of fear and in the absence of guarantees.

Elvina Beck shoots and edits each episode with co-producer Kera Package. Shooting on DSLR equipment that can easily fit into a backpack, Elvina has the flexibility to jump on a plane with a day’s notice. The first 2 episodes are 5 minutes long, but can be re-edited as a shorter or longer show.

Shark Tank viewers, TED talks, ambitious or aspiring entrepreneurs, MBA students, feminists, How-To enthusiasts, crowd-funding participants, and fans of PodShare.

Startup Kids episodes can be uploaded as frequently as desired. We seek a distribution partnership with high visibility.

Inspire other startup kids to continue disrupting the status quo, while building a personal brand for Elvina Beck and gaining support for PodShare expansion.