The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding with Elvina Beck

Tortuga Backpack founders Jeremy Cohen & Fred Perrotta asked for my 2 cents on crowdfunding since we got 111% funded & still raising (now $29k) for the next location.

Power Trip 010: Crowdfunding Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding with Elvina Beck


In This Episode

  • 01:54 Listener reviews
  • 04:49 Basic principles of crowdfunding: the nuts and bolts
  • 09:12 The “campaign” before the campaign
  • 13:12 Set minimum asking price
  • 18:05 The money-maker? YOUR VIDEO!
  • 22:29 Tracking down video professionals
  • 24:27 Meet Elvina Beck of Podshare
  • 24:56 How Podshare started
  • 26:49 Airbnb testing and researching price points
  • 30:19 Sticking it to the man: The reason for Elvina’s Indiegogo campaign
  • 36:19 Why Indiegogo?
  • 40:41 Elvina’s awesome video
  • 45:07 Donation experiences
  • 48:59 Elvina’s advice and business model
  • 54:55 Word to the Wise

Gearing up to create new content

With over 15,000 view on our crowdfunding video, it only makes sense to bring that Orbitz girl-esque character back, right? Join our production team in LA with the contact form & I’ll add you to our brainstorming sessions :)

Business Rock Stars

I am on a second episode of Business Rock Stars with Ken

Pitching @podshare on today's @businessrockstars show w/ @kenradio @bizrockstars #expand #LA

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Elvina Beck Interview

Bad Kitty Shoot

I landed in LAX (from SFO) got a car and drove to San Diego to operate a Canon C300, an EX3 and 2 GoPros on the set of Bad Kitty Photography!

I am super grateful to have connected with Susan who pitched the reality show to Triage. I flew around the world with Triage/Levity for Jeff Dunham’s world tour mid 2014.

Running camera like a #boss #beyoncepose #mansworld #produce #startupkid #lookatmenow

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Shooting Women 2.0 Awards

Today I shot my fourth Women 2.0 event and their FIRST awards show. The room was filled with accomplished women in the country’s best startups. Shaherose did a great job on stage being personable and all of the women brought witty quotes (of their own or others) to the stage.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.44.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.44.44 PM


This is my second year attending StartupGrind at Fox Theater in Redwood City


The day before the conference, I tweeted at bunch of attendees from SG’s site. That started conversations and/or caused people to recognize me as the girl from the video – which got me talking about Tech Crunch and what we’re looking for.


My ask was: “do you know any real estate investors or landlords that want PodShare in their building?” and “I am getting more quotes on our social reservation app if you have any recommendations.” But first, I always asked them what their startup was and tried to offer advice or constructive questions with the followup “please let me know if PodShare can help in any way.”


Here are my favorite quotes from the stage:

For 2 nights I stayed in an airbnb home with a Japanese family called FoundersBase. They were amazing hosts and my linens and towel were super soft. I can’t recommend this place enough.

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