Custom Tables

Designer Kate Gong built two 10ft tables for PodShare’s co-working space, come sit at them! Yes, I shot it out front on the street – doesn’t the concrete floor and cinderblock wall create the perfect urban backdrop? :)








WaterJet Printer

I got some custom pieces made for PodShare through a water jet printer (ping me for her information), check out my pics! 14 Podestrians tattoo-ed this icon onto their bodies :::proud:::










Too many icons? We went with an X on the Roku holder to match our custom tables :)




Wonder Women Tech

Wonder Women Tech is an event that kicks off on February 27 with Mayor Garcetti speaking about the importance of women in the workforce, and ends on March 1. PodShare has a booth to welcome new Podestrians to the brand (both co-working and co-living) and Elvina spoke on a panel called “women who launch startups”

Speaking on the panel: "women who launch startups" @wonderwomentech #leanin #womeninbusiness #womenfounders

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I want to be on your wrist and on your minds #technology #movefast

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My friend Ben at WoodChuck sent me a present from his mill in Minnesota. This guy is a StartupKid – from San Diego but lives in the midwest for the sake of his startup (despite missing the city fast life).

To show my gratitude for this custom gift, I photographed the product for him:


The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding with Elvina Beck

Tortuga Backpack founders Jeremy Cohen & Fred Perrotta asked for my 2 cents on crowdfunding since we got 111% funded & still raising (now $29k) for the next location.

Power Trip 010: Crowdfunding Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding with Elvina Beck


In This Episode

  • 01:54 Listener reviews
  • 04:49 Basic principles of crowdfunding: the nuts and bolts
  • 09:12 The “campaign” before the campaign
  • 13:12 Set minimum asking price
  • 18:05 The money-maker? YOUR VIDEO!
  • 22:29 Tracking down video professionals
  • 24:27 Meet Elvina Beck of Podshare
  • 24:56 How Podshare started
  • 26:49 Airbnb testing and researching price points
  • 30:19 Sticking it to the man: The reason for Elvina’s Indiegogo campaign
  • 36:19 Why Indiegogo?
  • 40:41 Elvina’s awesome video
  • 45:07 Donation experiences
  • 48:59 Elvina’s advice and business model
  • 54:55 Word to the Wise

Gearing up to create new content

With over 15,000 view on our crowdfunding video, it only makes sense to bring that Orbitz girl-esque character back, right? Join our production team in LA with the contact form & I’ll add you to our brainstorming sessions :)

Business Rock Stars

I am on a second episode of Business Rock Stars with Ken

Pitching @podshare on today's @businessrockstars show w/ @kenradio @bizrockstars #expand #LA

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Elvina Beck Interview

Bad Kitty Shoot

I landed in LAX (from SFO) got a car and drove to San Diego to operate a Canon C300, an EX3 and 2 GoPros on the set of Bad Kitty Photography!

I am super grateful to have connected with Susan who pitched the reality show to Triage. I flew around the world with Triage/Levity for Jeff Dunham’s world tour mid 2014.

Running camera like a #boss #beyoncepose #mansworld #produce #startupkid #lookatmenow

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