I was in the basement of a wine bar at SXSW when my friends Chris Saad and Tomas Puig asked if I was going to YxYY. I am sure my reaction was like anyone else’s who first heard of what sounded like a mockery of the popular conference: “what’s that?”. I was told that 5 women brought people together in the desert once a year to celebrate the power of YES.


My mother’s first word was not mamma or pappa, it was “no.” So, I was raised to believe that “no” was the most powerful word on the planet. I do not have to do anything that I do not want to do. But I developed the curious personality to continually say yes, and that’s what built my career and happiness.


Most, if not all, attendees at Yes by Yes Yes have the curiosity to try, test, and tell. In the spirit of being a “yes” girl, I booked my YxYY ticket right then and there via mobile.

Months went by and I didn’t think much about it again. I never researched it, but thought it would be something in between a “circle jerk” for entrepreneurs to brag about themselves and the hipster version of GOP’s cigar bars and golf course deals.


I drove to Ace Hotel in Palm Springs on Saturday morning and it began: the circle jerks were improv classes, the cigar bar was a microphone in Rvip karaoke, the golf course was the pool with floating strangers on food shaped rafts and drones flying overhead.

400 inclusive yaysers held unofficial meetings around topics like champaign socialism and the 5 P’s of investing (in case you missed it, it’s planning, partnering, positioning, profiting and patience) in board shorts. Small groups within a tribe questioned geo-politics, product management, and the definition of branding. They represented different industries – mostly tech, and cities ranging from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, New York and Canada.


For the sake of “leaning in” and saying yes to participation, I co-hosted a talk with Nikolas Badminton of Freelancer.com on the future of working and living. His site is in 242 countries and my pods are in the ever sprawled growing city of LA, but at 2pm on Sunday we went in a circle and asked what “currency” means? Is it barter, cash, or debt? We decided it is just value. I represented bartering, Brock Pierce represented bitcoin, and Nikolas represented cash exchanged on his platform.


In the middle of the night, or early morning I sat up with Elizabeth Wells, who owns a restaurant in SF called Southpaw BBQ, and we tried to hack the disposable to-go box that is a landfill contender. What if, I asked, people brought their own tupperware as they bring mugs to Starbucks or bags to a grocery store? Surely, if restaurants charged a 10 cent boxing fee, then people would travel with their own containers – and then we can get into stackable cutlery (the way foldable ballet slippers made it into every girl’s purses in a night club). She told me that unlike the bag and the mug, there is no way to insure home tupperware is bacteria free, in which case the restaurant gets in trouble (mugs holds high temperature liquid that kills bacteria). Darn it! Let me know if any of you can hack this further. And no, the restaurant cannot take the tupperware back to disinfect b/c in that case it is faster to grab from a pile of to-go boxes.

On our last night, YxYY hosted a night of storytelling by 8 people. The stories were funny, sad, gross but all in the spirit of saying yes. Big surprise to us all, but mostly Tara Hunt – her boyfriend Carlos talked about his introverted Gowalla-stalking ways to woo his girlfriend and then got down on 1 knee with a ring.


I drove home thinking that wasn’t a vacation, and it wasn’t a conference. It was microcosm of an ongoing commune experiment. And I was glad to be a part of it.


Collision Conference

Kera, me, and 2 Podestrians jumped in my VW Golf last night and drove to VEGAS! We stayed in historic downtown Fremont East and walked to Collision Conference.

We WON 2 free passes as part of their “women in tech” contest

We started with a talk from my friend Nanxi from Enplug

We talked to the conference folks

We saw some familiar names on the program and went to their talks

We ended with my buddy John from Lyft

Live Editing Chevy’s #BestDayEver

My friend Joe brought me in for an editing gig at YouTube space for 2 days – it was a live feed that started on April 1 at 12noon and ran until 7pm. I was on the highlights team and responsible for editing a 30 second “best of” piece from the prior hour.

This is my little group of creatives:

Overall though, here is the editing team for the 2 day project by JASH. Representing the ladies!

Spent last 2 days as an editor with these guys @youtubeSpaceLA for @chevrolet #BestDayEver

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Speaking @ SoGal Summit

GirlsUp put together the SoGal Summit @ USC today where I told my story for 10 minutes.

Co-Working Design

It was important for me to design PodShare co-working with the same DIY spirit of the co-living space, and put a model pod in the lobby as a throwback. I am almost ready to open our doors to the locals! Let’s see what happens…


Hi friends, come pull up a chair at our new co-working space! $5/hr, $15/day, $300/moWi-Fi*Computers*Recording…

Posted by PodShare on Friday, April 3, 2015

City Hall: 2 minutes on home-sharing

Today at 11am I visited City Hall on behalf of home-sharing (airbnb) to give my 2 minute testimonial to the councilmen.

I made 3 points:

  1. home-sharing should be taxed (14% occupancy tax) not prevented to help our $165m shortfall (city deficit)
  2. Garcetti’s back to basics plan needs to do a better job explaining zoning, planning and building/safety to citizens to help us follow the rules
  3. the share-economy makes sense in Los Angeles more than any other city because we are the entertainment capital and freelance income is not fully sustainable for actors, musicians, comedians and artists. Let’s legalize and promote sharing!

Also today, the very wonderful Rick Cole got recognized:

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