Dunham Tour: Canada

I flew to Calgary via Air Canada on April 9 for a show in Red Deer at the Enmax Centrium. This was our test before hitting the road for 17 cities abroad. Dipple and I have to be mobile and compact. Our cases are organized by type of equipment (battery pack versus lenses versus bodies versus audio etc.). Every show we will have to unload and load in the same [organized] way so nothing gets left behind. I will be tending to these hard cases at least 34 times on tour, my OCD may wear off toward the end.

image5 image4

We checked into iHotel, which was pretty awesome actually (see my review here)
image7 image9

That night we ate an incredible steak (pecan crusted sirloin with goat cheese!) at The Keg and on set the next day, the crew got catering.
image6 image2

We arrived at 10am for the 8pm show to setup. We ran 5 cameras, I was on stage left in the penalty box shooting on a Canon 7d with 100-400m lens.
image image

We flew back to LAX on April 11, 2014 in preparation for the big trip April 17 to May 26!

Road Trip to SF!

Before I start my international travels for Jeff Dunham’s comedy tour (Canada end of this week and the world tour abroad the following weekend) I decided to drive up to San Fran with Kate in her 2003 Volkswagon 2 door GTI – which is not automatic, which means I did not have to take the wheel.

I tested out my NEW go pro 3

Took some photos from the car with my 5d

Played dodgeball

and connected with my little sister Lily

Pringles Video Contest

Me, Kate & Kera brainstormed a concept for Eyeka.com Pringle’s “You don’t just eat em” contest and decided on “you prank em!”

We spent 2 days shooting 2 thirty second videos for our submission. Here is my hand drawn storyboard!

I tweeted out a pic after wrapping and was re-tweeted:


This was my 5th year at SXSW in Austin Texas and I almost did not go. I paid $800 for a Southwest airline ticket because I bought it 1 week prior. March 6-11 I was badge-less at the interactive festival, using a backchannel with mostly silicone valley friends to attend VIP parties and each breakfast, lunch and dinner for free.

My friends housed me

I participated in discussion forums

I visited Facebook Austin

and met some really great friends

FastCompany Party Shoot

My friends from Hootsuite were going to the SXSW Fast Company party and I wanted in. They did not have an RSVP for me, so I whipped out my DSLR, put a 580EXII flash on it and told the door girl I was shooting for Hootsuite. She definitely questioned my story and hesitated. Especially since I had 3 guys with me. But after a long moment, she wristbanded us and in we went!

Well, I felt bad lying so I started shooting guests and getting their twitter handles. My friends were like “you know you don’t have to do that right?” But I wanted to. I wound up meeting Rachel, the woman who threw the party, and she said “thank you for shooting! I am not sure where you came from but I appreciate it” and I gave her a set of personal shots with sponsored brands.

Keep hustling my friends, but do the right thing!

Editing for Ron Paul Channel

My first edit for Ron Paul @ http://bit.ly/1jT7rVn has 15,122 likes and 3,636 shares & my second edit for NFL player Chris Carr (talking about Michael Sam) has 2,820 likes and 589 shares!

Fireside Chat: Mark Suster & Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz sat down with Mark Suster at Startup Grind to talk about how he was a “successful entrepreneur eventually.” Essentially, it was hella hard and Ben messed up everything but what he stands by from that experience is that founders should run their own companies because they know what is wrong with it. All of the long lasting companies are run by founders but VC’s were based on not running its founders – so Mark and Ben teamed up to start their VC around this realization. Returns are persistent across the years so the mission was to make things better for founders & CEOs.

on Accelerators: Pros is they give you a Bugatti. Cons is they left cigarette butts in the ashtray.

Ben just published a book called “The Hard Thing About Hard Things

on Founding a Company: there is a lot of anxiety so theres a tenancy to grab the closest co-founder for comfort. That’s a big mistake.. John D. Rockefeller said, “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” The Beetles were friends making music versus the Monkeys were a put together band by the record labels.

on Prenuptial Agreements for founder percentage splits: Ben won’t fund a company if there is no CEO (if both co-founders run the company). Sharing command is negative in the moments you can’t agree & decisions have to be made two times. “Cause two suckas can’t agree on something a thousand motherfuckers dying for nothing” – Bushwick Bill. 50/50 stock with 1 CEO that can make final decisions.

on Knowing When it’s Time to Fire Someone: When you ask yourself that question, it’s probably too late. Everyone is sending you a message that they are suffering. The good of the individual must sacrifices for the good of the whole.

on Teams or Founders Who Worry About Being Liked: If you are a good CEO then over a long time you’ll be liked, even if not at the moment. CEO goes against anthropology because we want to be liked to survive but as CEO you have to not be liked in the short term. Sometimes people don’t like you for too much of a knowledge gap, this job takes courage to make unpopular decisions – you think you are right and making a prediction on the future. You think you are right but you don’t know if you’re right. Pressure is high despite if staying the course is easy, it is worse long term. If you DON’T go with the crowd and you are wrong, then you are the biggest idiot. There is a big difference between leader & politician because one is doing something unpopular. Steve Jobs was a dick but people at Apple loved him because he took the business up.

The CEO’s job is 90% you have to do and 10% you want to do. It’s a grind.


on Fundraising: Capitol markets swing around. Multiples in public markets change routinely and private is even worse.

on What a Pitch Meeting @ Andreessen Horowitz looks like:

  1. Everyone is on time
  2. No one is on the phone or computer, but listening
  3. Start with your background, from growing up to this point, you co-founder’s story

Is this something where you would if you don’t do it? You live with this problem and have to solve it?
What leadership qualities were developed in your life? Are you saying things because you believe it or are you trying to impress? If they give you an idea and you roll with it, that’s a bad sign.

Kellan Lutz shoutout to PodShare

I have been long time buddies with Kellan and Brett Gursky was my camp counselor at UCLA Summer Discovery when I was 17 so the fact that these 2 met at my Oscar party in 2006 is pretty awesome. Hear about it on the 8 minute mark @ http://www.hahajk.com/on-the-list-with-brett-gursky-episode-33/



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