“Best Place to Crash” in LA

We are SO happy to be voted the “best place to crash” in Los Angeles by LA Weekly! This is annual publication that highlights the city’s “best of” and you can read more about why we won @ http://tinyurl.com/ol3u2cu

Chick Launcher Pitch Competition

Today my startup, PodShare, won the popular vote after I pitched it for 5 minutes to a conference room full of investors, lawyers and entrepreneurs at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. The votes were recorded by SMS from all of the attendees in the room, and I feel so honored to have tons of women and girls come up to me and say I did a great job or want to learn more or participate in our growth. #expandpodshare

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Mechanical Flipbook

Tonight I shot a creative art party for Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen from Mechanical Flipbook



I attached my Canon EX 580 flash to the new Leica T camera – which has a touch-screen focus like the iphone.


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.22.53 PM

Check out the rest on my photos on FLICKr

I met Wendy + Mark when I shot Neil Patrick Harris last Christmas time



Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Board

I’ve been elected to Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council! I will represent the millennial + share- economy concerns. As an LA resident for a decade, I have lived 6 of those years in the Hollywood/Vine area. I don’t have a car so I use the city’s transportation or ride-sharing apps to get around. I own a small business and a production company. I most look forward to participating in PLUM and listening to developers and architects present their projects.


1st Crank Mob

My first Crank Mob, but the last ride for the group (according to FB)

Crazy story: I never take Uber because it’s so expensive but I had to get to Westwood with my bike for the starting point and 2 lyft drivers said they did not have space for my bike, so I bit the bullet. $72 later I was there. So to make up for the cost I skipped dinner and rode from Santa Monica Pier (our next location stop) at 11:45pm to PodShare (Hollywood/Vine) which is the LONGEST bike ride I have ever had at 15.3 miles!

Facebook Small Business Training

Facebook hosted a small business training course from 830am to 1030am @ JW Marriott – L.A. LIVE today.


Facebook has 128 million users daily.

  • –> What value can you provide on FaceBook that’s not available physically?
  • –> People want consistency, something to expect by following you. So pick days per week for posts. 3-5x ideal.
  • –> ask customers (guests in my case) to post photos
  • –> Feature a customer of the week, or for us, maybe a “selfie in a pod” post
  • –> Post promotions/contests. For us, that could mean backpack and t-shirt give-aways.
  • –> Get creative! “If you come in the next 2 hours, get a free roll of toilet paper with your sandwich.” Post during lunchtime.
  • –> Newsfeed ads do better than column ads (bigger and available on both mobile and desktop)
  • –> Boost posts that are doing well, not ones that aren’t. If they aren’t resonating with an existing audience then don’t pump money into it.
  • –> See call to action buttons specific to your business like “buy now” and “install now” for apps
  • –> Use your mailing or phone list to create audiences (such as “loyal customers”) to boost specific posts to. Then do “look alike” list for new users who match the profiles of your imported list (created targeted ads to specific type of person/sex/location etc.). For PodShare, that may be using our existing guest list and attracting attention to our EXPAND video.
  • –> What time do my customers use Facebook? So much competition on the news feed and FB pulls the most relevant posts. Schedule posts.
  • IMG_6188

11th Tattoo

Derrick is our 11th Podestrian to get the social travel tattoo! Welcome to the family

Budget Advocate

I was just nominated and voted to represent region 5 as LA City Budget Advocate (Central Hollywood)


Here are my notes from Budget Day:

• “Democracy requires constant committee meetings” – Neighborhood empowerment. Listening to diverse stakeholders in a community and being their voice. Care for city. Volunteer. We’re lucky to get 1 out of 10 people to vote in city elections.
• Kids hang out in the public library after closing just to use the free wifi. Who will be their voice?
• Adding more hours to libraries & budgeting $1m for senior meals to most vulnerable
• Controller: $200m is paid to workers comp, mostly fire and police.
• Last year, paved 6500 miles (that’s a10 lane road from LA to NY)
• Pension tier decline in 2018 means affording more employees. $1b a year taking up budget
• Goal: Maintain 5% reserve fund



Chick Launcher Event

Chick Launcher & DLA Piper hosted an event called “Building The Right Team for Your Growing Startup” tonight. Here are my favorite bytes:

ANN LAWRENCE, Partner, DLA Piper LLP – Host & Moderator
MARTA FERRO, Chief Executive Officer, Pink51
STACEY GOLDSTEIN, Co-Founder, Lola Getts Active
GALIT LAIBOW, Founder, Foodstirs, Inc.
KEVIN McGUSHION, CEO & Founder, InkaBinka

ANN: Introduce the perspective hire to the company’s mission, office, team and then ask “what would you bring to the table?” rather than searching for a person who checks off on a list of characteristics.”

KEVIN: A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s.
A lot of people don’t pivot well, and lose confidence because the company changes direction. The core team must have faith in the CEO and project.

STACEY: 67% of Americans are plus size. We brought on a CTO who was plus size/can relate. Everyone on your team has to work from a place of passion, and accept the vision & demographic. Lola Getts Active co-founders re-hired the entire team.


GALIT: Keep networking to find the right person! We have someone right now that keeps emailing ideas over and over and I think “will she give up?” but I think I am going to give her a chance.

ANN: If someone wants to help and asks for a piece of the business then say, “that’s great! Can’t wait to have you on the team. Lets give it 3 months” and have them show some evidence. Do they keep asking for stuff? Red flag. You have to see if they commit to the work and don’t just want to go to the party.

KEVIN: I have mentors on my advisory board that I compensate with friendship & investors with equity. I am shameless. “Every friend I have is an investor.”
For our app the savvy investors ask, “what’s retention like? It’s not the user number but rather the download number, how long they spend using your product.

ANN: Understand the market you’re trying to disrupt.
The board of advisors have no actual weight on business. No legal risk. VS. Investors on the Board of Directors have legal risk.

KEVIN: If you are building an online product, understand the language. Learn a little code so you can communicate with the developer(s).
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