Co-Working Design

It was important for me to design PodShare co-working with the same DIY spirit of the co-living space, and put a model pod in the lobby as a throwback. I am almost ready to open our doors to the locals! Let’s see what happens…

City Hall: 2 minutes on home-sharing

Today at 11am I visited City Hall on behalf of home-sharing (airbnb) to give my 2 minute testimonial to the councilmen.

I made 3 points:

  1. home-sharing should be taxed (14% occupancy tax) not prevented to help our $165m shortfall (city deficit)
  2. Garcetti’s back to basics plan needs to do a better job explaining zoning, planning and building/safety to citizens to help us follow the rules
  3. the share-economy makes sense in Los Angeles more than any other city because we are the entertainment capital and freelance income is not fully sustainable for actors, musicians, comedians and artists. Let’s legalize and promote sharing!

Also today, the very wonderful Rick Cole got recognized:

Hosting Digital LA’s Travel Startups

Kevin Winston of Digital LA brought together an impressive panel at PodShare Co-working! See pics on our Facebook


Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Clinton for Service Nation

Airbnb invited me to a private event at Jimmy Kimmel Live up the street from PodShare, where a bunch of awesome people talked about supporting a year of service to our country!

Digital LA: Top 50 Women to Watch

I made my FIRST list :) “Our Top 50 Digital Women list released on International Women’s Day, recognizes top women CEOs, Founders and Presidents, VCs and Investors, Executives, Social Media Influencers and Community Leaders. This is the first list recognizing LA tech women in digital across startups, entertainment and social. List below and at


I got some love from stage :)

Speaking at Digital LA

Today I went on stage for 15 minutes to tell my PodShare story.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.44.51 PM

Huge thanks to @DigitalLa @DigitalWomen @KevinWinston for inviting me to tell my @podshare story today!

A photo posted by Elvina Beck (@elvinabeck) on

Custom Tables

Designer Kate Gong built two 10ft tables for PodShare’s co-working space, come sit at them! Yes, I shot it out front on the street – doesn’t the concrete floor and cinderblock wall create the perfect urban backdrop? :)








WaterJet Printer

I got some custom pieces made for PodShare through a water jet printer (ping me for her information), check out my pics! 14 Podestrians tattoo-ed this icon onto their bodies :::proud:::










Too many icons? We went with an X on the Roku holder to match our custom tables :)




What’s a StartupKid?

You see it on my twitter, you watched my video on it, you will see me market the co-working space full of them – but what or who are startupkids?

I found an article that sums it up PERFECTLY!

1. Children question everything.
2. Children say what they mean.
3. Children are generous.
4. Children don’t hold grudges.
5. Children aren’t afraid to change their minds.
6. Children see everything as an adventure.

Great job Minda Zetlin, I tweeted for her to look at our pilot

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